At Glory City Church, we firmly believe in the power of volunteers, and the invaluable contributions each person makes in seeing the Kingdom of Heaven increase here on Earth.

Volunteering opportunities

Discover volunteering opportunities within the church.

Door welcomers




Having fun with kids and helping them learn about Jesus.


Social media

Faciliate administration work for the church.

Learn industry level skills whilst having fun.

Learn industry level skills whilst having fun.

Run around with the youth kids and teach them godly principles.

Help bless new believers with the love of Jesus.

Lift praises unto the Lord.


We're so glad you want to serve with us!

We consider our volunteers to be an integral part of our church family, and we are committed to creating an environment where you feel loved, supported, and encouraged. It is through your willingness to serve that we can make a meaningful impact, both within our church and beyond. Your dedication and unique abilities are essential to fulfilling our vision of spreading God’s love throughout the earth, and seeing lives transformed.

As you embark on this volunteering journey, it’s important to note that each department or ministry within our church has its own unique standards, requirements, and commitments. Our dedicated department leaders will provide you with detailed information about these aspects as you progress through the initial volunteering onboarding process.

In addition to department-specific guidelines, there are a few organisation-wide standards that we kindly request all volunteers to acknowledge. These standards are fundamental to maintaining a unified, harmonious and importantly safe volunteer community. Please find these steps outlined below.

Application Process

Working with Children Notice (Bluecard)
You will need to apply for, and return a positive Working With Children Notice (BlueCard). We require all volunteers to maintain a positive Working with Children Notice regardless of whether they volunteer with children or not. Regardless of whether you are applying for a new Blue Card, hold a current blue card or qualify as an exempt person you are required to complete this process. The fact sheet below will provide some assistance in applying for a new blue card including steps to exempt the fees associated.
Fill in volunteer declaration below
Each volunteer is required to submit a Volunteer Church Workers Declaration. This declaration defines the working relationship as a volunteer on, providing clarity for yourself as the volunteer and the organisation. It also sets our general expectations for volunteers as well as gathering critical information needed to make the volunteer orientation process efficient. Please note that this is a digital document and will need to be completed in a single session.
Child Safe Training
Complete our Child Safe Training. This should take approximately 60 minutes to complete and is valid for 2 years. It is a requirement that all volunteers and staff complete this training prior to commencing their volunteering. The purpose of this training is to standardise the level of training across our organisation, aligning with government recommendations. We appreciate your commitment in ensuring that all children are cared for well in a safe and loving environment. Shortly after you submit your volunteer declaration we will add you to Safety Management Online so you can begin your training. Once you get an invite link you'll have 24 hours to sign up. Please be prompt to sign up otherwise a new link will need to be manually issued to you.

Volunteer Declaration

Volunteers Declaration

Working with Children Check

Bluecard Details

Reference Check

Please nominate two character references. This can be for example an employer, leader or pastor from a previous church with a well established personal history (minimum two years). Nominated references cannot be directly related to the applicant.

Reference 1

Reference 2

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