Core Values

“Our beliefs form our values and virtues, and these define the Glory City Church culture.”

The following Glory City Church pillars, values and virtues (lived values), inspired and developed by Katherine Ruonala in her apostolic leadership grace across our movement, encompass the culture of our global family. The Glory City Network (GCN), our local churches and our various ministries and departments hold in unity to these distinguishing characteristics before God as a mandate on the earth. Across the GCN and within our churches, we carry various visions, missions and distinct Kingdom endeavours. What unites us across it all and undergirds our culture, is our mutual endeavour to express the following pillars, values and virtues as our global apostolic identity.

Our Pillars

Our foundation

When we prioritise intimacy and discover our identity, the knowledge and love of God will Increase on the earth.

Our Values

Defining Our Culture




Our Virtues

How We Live Out Our Values