& Mission

Our Vision

We are believing the Lord for:

  • A church family with a heart so deeply overflowing with God’s love that it impacts every person that walks into the building and they cannot leave the same.
  • The weighty manifest presence of God to gloriously invade every service, homegroup, prayer meeting and household.
  • Miracles beyond our wildest dreams to break out daily.
  • Blind eyes and deaf ears to be opened, and the dead to be raised.
  • A radical purity movement where the fruits of righteousness are tasted by everyone.
  • A place where every addiction and bondage is immediately broken.
  • The only ones in the building who are living in sin are the unsaved, who are about to run to the alter to exchange their sin for His righteousness.
  • Marriages that are bonded so deeply together in love that there is no space for the enemy and that divorce has become a foreign term.
  • Our loving families to raise up world changers and revivalists.
  • The expansion of our Global Influence, with churches, business, media & politics.
  • An unprecedented and liberal generosity in every area followed by abundance of supernatural Heavenly supply and finance.
  • A massive increase in corporate and personal prayer and intercession that will birth 24 hour prayer and worship.
  • Hundreds of salvations that are adopted, nurtured and discipled and are reproducing 30, 60 and 100 fold.
  • This building to be filled to capacity with burning ones.
  • Every member of our church family to be deeply and passionately in love with Jesus. Entering into the fullness of sowing seeds of the Gospel everywhere they go, actively adopting New Christians and the Kingdom of Heaven breaking into their spheres of influence.
  • That every current person in our church family will have sitting next to them at least one person that they have adopted and was saved  and is now a passionate revivalist and disciple maker, totally in love with Jesus!

Our Mission

Glory City Church was birthed out of a desire to see the nations won for Jesus and to see believers moving in signs, wonders and miracles. There are three key pillars of our church:

Encounter God
We believe that intimacy with God is one of the most important characteristics of a believer and that it is the starting point to living a life of influence. Pursuing a deep, intimate relationship with God empowers us to fulfil our Biblical mandate.

Become Love
Our Biblical mandate is that all people of every nation would know the saving love of the Father through His Son Jesus Christ. This mission is central to our existence and the existence of our church. We therefore seek to develop and maintain a culture of love where everyone from all walks of life can come and experience the extravagant, unconditional love of the Father. We love because He first loved us.

Transform Nations
We believe in an active outworking of faith. We believe that as a church both corporately and individually we are called to spread the love of God, sharing hope with the hopeless and life with the broken. Our focus exists beyond the walls of our church and our church community, it extends into the city of Brisbane, the nation of Australia and the nations of the World.