About Prophetic Words

Glory City Church promotes and encourages flowing in the prophetic ministry. We believe that as we declare the prophetic words spoken over us, and as we honour what God is saying, we will see His promises come to pass. Here are a few prophecies spoken over Glory City Church over recent years:

Last night we were leaving the hospital and I turned around and noticed a big launching pad on top of the roof with lights, so the helicopters could come and land. I felt in my Spirit during worship that the Holy Spirit was saying that this church is a landing pad of the Holy Spirit. It’s not a coincidence that you guys [Glory City Church] are at a high position. I know, I believe you are contending for property. Last time I was here I prophesied that there was going to be a Spiritual expansion to the right and the left, and that this building was going to be too small. Also that God wants to establish a 24 hour house of prayer. You are at the beginning of exponential, expedient growth in the name of Jesus, Amen. I felt the Lord say that “your hunger is a landing pad of the Holy Spirit.”

Not only is this place a landing pad but it is also a launching pad, a place where you launch the Glory. When I was in worship tonight, I felt the presence of God so strongly and I felt the Lord whisper in my ear, “this is what it’s going to feel like in the streets of Brisbane; this is what it’s going to feel like when you’re drinking coffee at Starbucks [local caffe`], and when you’re at work in the marketplace.”
We’re seeing this with the School of the Supernatural going out, but I feel the Lord’s Glory is going to invade the Earth. As the water covers the sea, and He’s going to begin with Brisbane and I see it as a launching pad of His presence and a launching pad of His Glory. Not just for the nation of Australia but the nations of the world, Amen!

I know that Joel Shaw is tied to China, but I saw there being a bridge to China. Revival is breaking out in China, I saw that the underground church is not what it was before, that the Gospel is being proclaimed. Lord I pray for orphanages to be started, I pray for ministry on the streets Lord, and the Jackie Pullinger anointing to be released in this hour Lord. There’s a healing ministry, an orphanage, a ministry of justice against the sex slavery, a Spirit of justice. We ask that the bridge from Brisbane to China be built in Your way, at Your time. Maybe there’s a church being planted, you need to take it before the lord. Maybe it’s the School of the Supernatural that is going to one day release a team there. I just feel a tie to China for the Glory City Church. Thank you Lord!

I’m going to release this word; I really feel that an emphasis on generations is going to come to the forefront in this church. I see families coming, more and more families, and I want to even prophesy that there’s going to be an incredible children’s ministry as part of this church. There’ll be an explosion in the children’s ministry. And a program that’s so enticing. And it’s not a program for a program’s sake, but it’s a program that draws children to the supernatural. And I see young kids in the streets! I want to prophesy over the people involved with the school to start teaming up with the children. Because they are the ones with the faith and the innocence to release the Glory of God. There isn’t any shame in a child, Amen! They are shameless, they have a purity and innocence, they haven’t been bombarded by the noise of society, or by fear. There’s a ‘faith like a child’ ministry going to be released into us too. I just saw children praying for the sick and people getting massively touched and healed.

I want to declare that this is a house that is going to house and cultivate a culture amongst children, to bring about the Glory and supernatural presence of God to the streets of Brisbane. And I see multi-generations. It’s no coincidence that this church is multi-generational. I see greater unity between the generations because this isn’t just a young people’s movement. It’s not just about the young people. And it’s not a coincidence that I’m here straight after my father spoke at the [HIM] conference. It’s a sign of God bringing the generations together. It’s not just about the passion and fieriness that a young person has, but the wisdom of the older generation as well. We young people need the spiritual fathers and mothers. The greatest need in the church today is spiritual fathers and mothers. It’s because the church has a lot of orphans. The enemy has tried to take this generation out; whether by teen suicide, abortion, broken homes. The enemy knows that this is the most awesome generation.

I want to prophesy over this church that He is going to restore your families. I declare that into the atmosphere with all the authority that You Lord have given me, I declare that You [God] will return what the locusts have eaten. In the name of Jesus we ask that you restore family to its rightful place. We ask that the prodigals will come home, to come back to the kingdom of God and those who haven’t tasted the goodness of God, salvation spring up in the name of Jesus. Homes being restored! God you have the authority to restore in a moment. I felt God saying, “I want to release forgiveness, for reconciliation.” Because Christ has forgiven me, I have the grace to forgive those who have hurt me. God wants to release the Spirit of forgiveness in this house tonight. Amen!

I declare this over this church: He is pleased with you, He is honoured with your sacrifice and your prayers. And I felt during worship that the ground is fertile. The hearts have been prepared for a move of God that will be the greatest move in all mankind and it’s going to be in Australia. And Brisbane is a lighthouse. It’s a city on a hill, and it’s not a coincidence that this [house] is called the Glory City Church. Because this city belongs to the Lord. Brisbane – we declare over you right now that you are the Lord’s! God You are the God of this city. The God of Brisbane and the surrounding cities. You are the God of this nation and we believe we are living in the greatest time in history, and we will see revival and a great awakening with our own eyes. We’ll no longer read or pray about it, but we will live it in the name of Jesus, we give You the honour and glory Jesus. We are living in the greatest time in history!

And the Lord would say that there is going to be provision for a building. I am preparing the finances, I am preparing the way and there’s going to be plenty of room at the inn. There’s going to be room for the 24 hour house of prayer and I’m going to bring it. There’s going to be one complete room for that. There’s going to be room for the children. There’s going to be room for youth; there’s going to be room for every teaching – places to teach. There’s going to be classrooms, there’s going to be room for the children to play.

The Lord says the young and the old will dance together and the Lord says I am going to give the training centre and you’re going to teach and train – there will be the school of the prophets. I am going to bring many people here to be trained in the school of the prophets says the Lord and one day you will even have a school and you’re going to begin to educate the next generation says the Lord – there will be that school says the Lord.

And the Lord says this church is going to double and double and double again. The Lord says I’m going to give you that place that will indeed seat a thousand but it’s going to be too small. And the Lord says it is on the way, the money is coming, it will be so supernatural how this money comes, you’re just going to be amazed. The Lord says I will part the Red Sea at the right moment and when I part that Red Sea everything will be there and the Lord says it will be in this area. I’m going to make a way.

This is your land of inheritance says the Lord because I give you these University campuses; they are yours, they are your harvest field, the schools. And the Lord says not only will I give you the University students, I will give you the secondary school kids, I will give you the primary school kids. I’m going to do a work among the children, there will be a children’s awakening says God. I’m going to begin to release angels and angelic visitations – 9-year-olds are going to see angels, 6-year-olds, 7-year-olds, there’s going to be a lot of angels. I just see literally a porthole into heaven and I see the ladder into heaven – from heaven to earth like Jacob’s ladder and I see the messages coming and going, and the Lord just shows me this is like a strategy area – there will be a special room that will be a war room where you are to go to war. It’s going to be different than the house of prayer. There will be a war strategy room for my generals to come. There will be an assembly of generals says the Lord, and there will be a church planting movement that is going to release glory to the Lamb, glory to the Lamb. Glory!

And the Lord says there are going to be so many miracles, there’s going to be an increase of miracles and today I leave in this house a deposit of the Argentine anointing – Yes Jesus!

Just like the revival of Argentina – people will say that, they will say it, they’ll say it they’ll say it! It’s an Argentine fire – creative miracles – that’s what it is! Creative!

God is moving and just another thing that I see is more of these Glory Gatherings going out to the other parts, all over the place, not just in this country but in other countries as well. People are going to come in and fly in here; people are going to come and fly in from all over the world because they are going to be hearing what God is doing here.

There’s a certain level that you’re at at the moment, because God gives levels by measure. You’re faithful with one level, He gives you increase; you’re faithful with that level, and then He raises it and raises you up and releases you to the next level. I can say this – from March when I was here last, there is a much, much higher level now. And with each level that God releases and promotes you to, then there is a greater release of the spirit, and greater fruit that comes and a greater thing that happens. I just see these levels, and I see God raising up this level much, much more as you are faithful to steward the level that you have, and stay focused and stay hungry; and people are going to fly in from all over the world, and they are going to come. And your Friday nights and your Sunday afternoons are going to increase to other nights of the week, and it’s just going to increase as the levels rise. You’ve got to steward this thing correctly and you’re going to start to see that you’re going to have other nights of the week until you’re going to be entering into seven nights a week, and it’s going to be like a perpetual flow of God. People are going to fly in and they are going to say there’s something happening in Brisbane, and it’s not in a church that is most obvious.

There are other churches that are more obvious and the Lord is saying, “I want to bless them but they haven’t opened their hearts, and I’m going to move where people’s hearts are open and where people are hungry. And they want Me to come and move in these other places; they want Me to come and move within their box, and the Lord says, “I’m not a box-God. I’m going to move outside the box, I’m moving outside this stuff and beyond the usual, and in the unusual.” The Lord is saying that this is an unusual place, and God is moving. And I saw people flying in from all over the world, and they’re going to come and they are going to take it back to where they are, and they going to say, “We want to link which you!”

Foreigners, foreign people – some who can hardly speak English – but they are going to come and be totally overwhelmed; even from Europe! Doors are going to open in Europe – Holland, especially Holland – a big one is Holland; even in the driest parts of Europe, they are coming, and God is going to move, and they are going to get a touch here and take fire back there; and they are going to take a release of God back.

So the level at this time is the level of God that has been released to you now, and it is going to increase, you are just on the increase.

The Number 12 prophetically means Joined, United, Govern, Apostolic Government, Oversight, Apostolic Fullness, Ruling, Governmental Perfection and the Rule of Heaven.
Prophetically speaking the perfect numbers in the bible are 3,7,10, and 12.
12 is a perfect number signifying perfection of government. It is found as a multiple in all that has to do with rule. For example, the sun rules over 12 hours of the day and the moon and stars govern over the 12 hours of the night.
12 can be multiplied by 2 sets of different numbers eg. 4×3 and 2×6, which denotes divine/supernatural production, multiplication and increase.

In the Old Testament there were:
12 Patriarchs – God is raising up spiritual fathers in this nation.
12 Sons of Israel – God is revealing the spirit of sonship to the body of Christ.
The Temple of Solomon has the number 12 as the predominating factor denoting the glory of the kingdom, which is displayed in and outside the temple. Believers are going to display the glory of God within and upon them to the world this year.
12 spies sent to spy out the promise land. The 2 spies with a good report including Joshua & Caleb represent the apostolic prophetic mantle to take the promise land (the seven mountains of the world).
12 people specifically anointed to govern and rule (5 priests and 7 kings). The Lord is anointing His people to govern and rule with greater power & authority.

In the New Testament there were:
12 Apostles – God’s earthly government will govern and rule in fullness as true sons of God.
12 foundations of the Heavenly Jerusalem – God is laying a strong foundation in the lives of believers for the habitation of His glory. The church is moving from visitation to habitation.
12 Gates – God is opening up greater access to His glory.
12 Pearls – The Lord is releasing greater riches of His glory to His Church to build and advance His Kingdom nationally and worldwide.
12 Angels – God is loosing greater angelic activity and ministry in our lives and country. God has released angels of Breakthrough and angels of Resurrection Power and angels of Revival in this nation. These angels move with those who move. Its time to move, move, move. As we move in love and faith these angels will move with us. Angels bring the power of the Kingdom.

Its time to be a friend of God rather than a disciple. The church is entering into the fullness of sonship. Its time for the church to rise up and be the authority of Christ through intimacy and friendship with God. We are entering a fullness of time season in 2012. We will experience greater resurrection power and creative miracles. The old has gone and the new is here. There will be new miracles, new signs and new wonders this year. Yes, there will be new levels of believing. We are entering into a season where we see Jesus heal them all. This year is the beginning of the great end-time harvest. It’s the beginning of over a billion souls coming into the kingdom worldwide. We are at a defining point in history! It’s time to cross over and possess the promise land.

Its time to cross over from the natural into the supernatural.
Its time to cross over from lack into plenty.
Its time to cross over from sickness into divine health.
Its time to cross over from sorrow and disappointment into joy and gladness.
Its time to cross over from the promise and into fulfillment and possession.
Its time to receive the fullness of the blessings and birthright of sonship through walking in the fullness of the spirit of sonship.

God is removing the pain of disappoinment, rejection, sorrow, and regret in people’s lives by the power of the blood of Christ. The Lord is going to bring resurrection life and power to the dead and dormant things in our lives eg. dead and dormant finances, health, vision, dreams, gifts and anointings.

2012 Is A Year Of :
God’s people governing with apostolic kingdom power and authority over all the works of the devil; 
Greater authority, expansion and deeper connections;
Entering into new levels of revelation, power and authority;
Acceleration, multiplication and increase;
Spirit led and empowered declarations and decrees;
God opening the heavens even wider over our lives;
True revival and an increase of the miraculous and supernatural

Ancient wells of revival are being uncapped. The winds of change are blowing. The former and latter rain is falling. Its time for a mighty move of God!

In order to witness and maintain a great move of God we need to promote and protect our unity. Also, we need to guard against selfish ambition, slandering, gossiping, complaining, competition, greed, immorality, and pride.

Lord, I feel in my spirit right now that You want to release something that just automatically spills out to the people around us in our workplaces … you are calling us to break out of our 4 walls to reach this nation Lord, the nation of Australia. I feel in my spirit that God is saying “keep your eye on Brisbane because God is about to do something in this city, all the way up to the Gold Coast … I feel that there is something coming to this specific area that is going to affect the whole nation of Australia.  And I feel that the prayers that have been sown deep into the ground over the years with The Call, with Rim of Fire, with different organisations in groups, in ministries, in churches, in  prayer meetings, the Lord says You are about to reap what you have sown. The seeds of revival are about to spring up, I declare.
The Lord said to tell you the “I am doing a new thing”. I feel that the Lord is calling this church to go from glory to glory but also to go from glory gathering to glory gathering.  I don’t know if that means protracted meetings, I don’t know if that means more conferences, I don’t know if that means other church plants from this house or all of the above, but I feel that there is an explosion, an exponential growth pending on this house. And the Lord has seen your hunger, and He has seen the cries of your heart and He’s about to unleash something so unprecedented, so unique to the nation of Australia through you. So Lord, we just thank you for that word.  Lord if it is protracted meetings, I pray you would give this house the grace, the strength to go and to tarry. Lord we know this life is not a sprint, it’s a marathon, so I pray for the Spirit of endurance in the name of Jesus. I pray you would speak to the leadership of this house that you would grant them wisdom and revelation. Wisdom and revelation, whatever that means. But this place is too small, I tell you that right now. As I walked in, I saw this partition and I know that you share this building with another church, but I felt like the Lord says, I’m about to expand this church, to the left and to the right.”
I felt the Lord saying, Glory Gathering is in a birthing season. The reason why I say that is because you are about to birth something as a church, so unprecedented, so unique, so special, so significant.  It’s something that we obviously honour and we love what God is doing around the nations, but I feel like what God is saying is there’s something new that’s coming out of this house that has never been done before. There’s something supernatural, there’s something so special that God is birthing through this house.
He’s going to release the spirit and anointing for new converts. I really feel that this time next year, this place is going to be double the size. I say this in faith that by the time next year comes around it’s almost going to be double the size. A lot of the people that are going to be in this house are going to be family and friends that you have been reaching out to and contending for, I really feel it. So, new converts; the harvest is ripe. I feel that the city of Brisbane is ripe, it is awaiting with anticipation for the Kingdom of God.”
God is going to bring new converts. There is going to be an influx of re-dedications and reconfirmations. The prodigals are coming home; the prodigals are coming home; the prodigals are coming home, in the name of Jesus! Along with new converts there are going to be a new discipleship – I don’t know if it is going to be a discipleship for training, don’t know if there is going to be a new anointing for discipleshipbut there are going to be disciples raised up in this house.

I really feel that one of the ways that God is going to bring growth to this house is through discipleship. Because the Lord is very clear, “therefore go into all the world and make (not coverts) but disciples of all nations.” So the key for discipleship; Jesus had His 12; I even prophesy to the leaders of this house that you’re going to have your disciples and you’re going to have people that are going to “carry your bags,” so to speak and are going to learn to serve and learn character. He is going to be bringing in and is raising up leaders and disciples of this house, because of your heart, there’s purity of heart, there’s character, character of Christ, there’s integrity and faithfulness. But I feel like new disciples are around the corner, new converts, new signs and wonders God is going to release in this house.”

But this is what’s going to happen; signs and wonders in the Heavens, healings that are going to take place where people don’t even have to lay their hands, they’re just going to be instantly healed in meetings, on the streets – how many of you know that Peter’s shadow was healing people, amen. There’s going to be such an increase of anointing and healing in this house that it’s going to be effortless. I hear the word “effortless healing”, an effortless healing anointing that, as you align your heart with God, there’s going to be such a presence that it comes from your spirit, it comes from the heart of God, that people around you are just going to get healed and it’s going to be like the woman with the issue of blood – she simply had to touch Jesus. The Lord is saying He’s going to release this in this house and in the name of Jesus we declare creative miracles, signs and wonders to be released. New converts, new disciples’ new miracles, in Jesus name. It’s going to happen.

I feel that a part of the new explosion of harvest and of conversions, there’s going to be a new youth explosion, I see young people by the hundreds, if not the thousands, being raised up in this house. And let me say this. When I highlight the young people, I’m not dismissing the older generation. We need the fathers and mothers but there are going to be young people, so many young people that I feel like you’re going to have to strategise how to Father and Mother because how many of you know that our generation comes from Brokenness, the majority of us, and God is releasing the spirit of adoption. And Heavenly Father we say, I’m going to use the parents, I’m going to use the spiritual fathers and mothers of this house to bring a spirit of restoration and adoption and acceptance where there’s rejection. He’s going to deal with the orphan heart in all of us and He’s releasing fathers and mothers, but He’s also releasing the young people. I feel like even your “Outbreak,” services are just going to explode; there’s going to be city wide revival with the youth in Brisbane, and there’s going to be a youth movement that’s going to rise forth from this house, so Lord we say let it be done according to Your will and according to Your plan. Lord, I pray that You would raise up the new generation of young people, Lord the revivalists, those who are radical, even the Nazarite call on some of these young people to stand for what is true, for what is right. But Lord we ask for the new wave of spiritual parenting, the anointing for spiritual parents, God. Release the spirit of adoption in this House.

I feel that there’s going to be a new – I don’t know if it already exists – but one of the things that God is going to do is He’s going to release a House of Prayer. I don’t know if you have a house of prayer, I don’t know how often it is but I even see, Oh, let me just read it, it’s right back there, “House of Prayer” – I didn’t even notice that. But I feel there’s going to be a 24 hour House of Prayer that God’s going to release, if it doesn’t exist already, where there’s going to be around the clock house of worship, and prayer and harp and bowl worship that will go before the Lord. But it’s going to be unique and with that, there’s going to be a new sound that God is going to release, and I know Aaron is celebrating his 6th year anniversary with Rebecca today, but I know Joel and the worship team; in fact you guys just stand up really quick, I just want to release something to the worship team. I declare in the name of Jesus that there are new sounds, new songs, new rhythms , even a new genre of music that’s going to come forth from this house. And we love Bethel, we love Hillsong, we love the places where God is highlighting the worship , but I feel that there is something so special out of this house that people will say that the Glory Gathering, that the music coming from… I just see your own production of music, your own production house, even if I can just say of film, television and music. So Lord we release the newness and worship God. And everyone who is called to prayer, all the intercessors, I want you to stand to your feet, because I feel there’s a greater marriage between worship and prayer taking place in this new season, so Lord we thank You for the intercessors, those that have been praying, those that have toiled, those with a sweat on their brow who have been praying for years, Lord would You release the 24 hr House of prayer in this house, Lord. Release a new expression of harp and bowl worship, Lord God, that it would even be different than I Hop, it would be different than Bethel, not because we don’t like those things, those are great, awesome things, those have been forerunners, but I pray there would be something new birthed from this house, in the name of Jesus. I feel there are new lyrics going to come; we were just speaking about spoken word -new poetry, new expressions. Thank You, Lord.

I feel the Lord is also going to release the arts in this house, like never before. It’s going to be a new expression of the arts. We were talking about the renaissance, which means
“re-birth,” there’s a new birth of arts and entertainment, that I know Sydney and Melbourne are highlighted in terms of places and we totally revere and respect people like Nicole Kidman and Russell Crow and Mel Gibson who’ve come out of Australia, but I feel that from this house there are going to be people who are going to rise up in the art and entertainment world, not just in Australia but in Hollywood, so if you’re called to the arts I want you to stand to your feet right now. If you’re a writer, director, producer; if you’re a dancer, singer, song writer, musician; If you’re called to acting, writing, directing, producing – all those things – called to the arts in some way, shape or form, God is releasing new strategies, new creative ideas, new screen plays, new ways of approaching acting, new songs, new choreographed dances that come from Him, that come from Heaven, Lord; release the sound and the songs of Heaven, Lord. Release a new birth, a re-birth, release a renaissance spirit right now to all the artists, God I pray that you would raise up artists in this house, that we would be the head and not the tail, not just in Australia but in Hollywood. Lord I declare from this house there would be Academy Award winners , there would be Grammy Award winners, there would be those who stand on podiums to declare that You are the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, and it would come from this house in the name of Jesus.

I feel like the Lord is releasing new ideas. Lord I pray for the new Innovative, creative, inventions to come. If you’re an inventor, if you like to create with your hands, I want you to stand to your feet. The Lord is saying, “I want to co-create with you. I don’t just want you to create on your own, I want to partner with you and create with you, says the Lord. Lord I pray for new ideas, new ways of thinking, new approaches to the craft itself, God; release the new, release the new. Renew the mind, right now in the name of Jesus; strategies, blue prints from Heaven. Release the blue print from Heaven right now; it’s coming to you right now. The creative blue print from Heaven  is being downloaded into your spirit right now, in Jesus name. I get that, “creative blue print from Heaven.”

There are songs in Heaven that have never been sung on earth that God is going to release to you, sounds that have never even been discovered yet that exist in Heaven, that is going to be released to you. Creativity that exists in Heaven that has never been released on earth is being released and imparted to you right now, in Jesus name.

Re-birth, re-birth, re-birth. Even those people who have more of a business mind set, the Lord’s going to give you strategies. In fact, I want you to join these people, I’m just getting this right now; if you’re called to the business realm, the business mountain, I want you to stand to your feet. There are new approaches to making money, creative ideas, that have been hidden in your heart or that God is going to release to you for the first time; new approaches to how to make money for the Gospel and the Kingdom of God. Lord, I pray that you would release the finances of Heaven right now into our spirits, Lord, strategies of Heaven right now.

Pastor James, I felt this in my Spirit even before I got up here but there’s something so special and unique about your calling. The Lord says the best is yet to come, that what you have sown you are going to reap a hundred fold, even more than a hundred fold and the Lord has seen your faithfulness and the Bible says, that those who are faithful in little, He will entrust with much. The Lord is going to release, I declare this in Faith, Lord that you would release the finances of Heaven, into Pastor James, Lord, that he would be able to expand and extend the Kingdom of God to the nations of the world; and even as he shared that he’s going to the nation, I pray that it would just be a foretaste of what’s to come in his life, Lord, for the nations are an open door for you and your wife and your family and for the ministry God has in you. Lord, I pray for the apostolic mantel to come upon my brother, in the name of Jesus. I pray for the business apostolic mantel to be released, Lord God, even what Dr Peter Wagner has; the mindset he carries, for business, for marketing, for strategies, Lord, release it  into his spirit right now, birth it in Jesus name! To the nations, I keep getting that for you and your wife, “the nations are an open door, the nations are an open door” -where right now it seems like it’s just one or two, the Lord is just going to open the doors for the nations, to be visited and to be reached through you and through your finances.

Thank you Lord for business strategies, creative ways to make money. Finances are going to explode in this house.  I see it so in my Spirit, there’s going to be so much money, and I say this very carefully, but there’s going to be so much money released, you’re not going to know what to do with it, there’s going to be – abundant favour is upon this house, and upon you individually (Pastor James), oh Jesus thank you, Lord.

So House of prayer, ministry school for the artist, for the business people. Thank you, Jesus there’s a new birth. I feel that, again I mentioned this earlier and I know Cindy Jacobs has prophesied this, but there’s new property to be acquired, I don’t know when, I don’t know how, I don’t know even know where,  but the Lord is preparing a house for you, because the Bible says, that when you build His house, He builds yours. You’ve been faithful to build His house and so the Lord is preparing a place for you, it’s not just in Heaven but it’s here on earth, there is a place right now, I feel it in my spirit, there’s a place that He is just waiting, it’s almost like the secret, mystery of God, He’s ready just to reveal it to you. So Lord wherever it is, we pray that you would just unlock all the doors , that you would grant the Pastors and the leaders of this house the keys, not just the keys to the Kingdom but the keys to the building that you’ve prepared for them, Lord that if it here’s anything that stands in the way, that You would just remove that, that there would be a clear path, a clear path to that door, Lord Jesus that is open before them, that they would step into a new building. I don’t know if it’s brand new; the “neos” new or new as in, the new season that God has for you, but there’s something new about property that God is releasing. I get plural, I get, “properties,” with an “s,” new properties Lord, release it, release it.

Lord for a discipleship training school, for for a ministry school, Lord, for an art school, Lord, for just an equipping centre, a prayer centre. I just see multiple properties being released through this house, and Lord is saying, “Enlarge the tent pegs.”

Joel 2 is the prophetic word being released tonight to the nation of Australia. I pray for Glory Gathering, that it would be a light in a city, that it would be a city upon a hill, that it would stand strong in this nation Lord as a place of refuge, a place of healing, a place of hope, Lord. And I know, I think this has already happened, but I feel like there’s going to be so many miracles coming from this house that people are going to bypass the hospitals and come here first because there’s so much power, anointing to be healed and so we just say do it Lord, bring healing, Lord. There’s the proximity of His presence is going to be so powerful that people coming within walking distance, with even driving distance of this house, are going to be hit with the presence of love. There’s like a radius of His anointing around this place, thank You, Jesus.”

In Psalm 32 it says, “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye. Do not be like the horse or like the mule, which have no understanding, which must be harnessed with bit and bridle, else they will not come near you.”  The Lord is into giving very specific instruction. 

The Lord gave me a series of three visions tonight for 2012, and I want to share one particular one. It revolves around an orchestra.  When an orchestra is about to put on a large concert on a particular day, the musicians arrive several hours beforehand and they prepare their instruments, they prepare their music, they’ll warm up and they’ll get themselves individually ready for the concert. Some musicians arrive early and get themselves ready early, but they can’t start the concert until everybody is ready – until the Conductor says to start.  So, for this church, for 2012, the Lord has told me that the months of March, April and May will be a time of resting in preparation for the start of revival. The reason for the three months is because other members of the orchestra have not fine tuned their instruments , or got themselves into position yet, and we just happen to be at the front of that. There is a need to wait on the Lord because no one can start a concert with their own instruments and wait for the others to catch up. It has to be in unison; that’s what Gods is all about, is working in unison.

So March, April and May is going to be a time when we are going to be spiritually resting in preparation for the revival that will take place in June, July and August. And in June, July and August, we will see an increase of the miraculous – healings specifically.  I saw people vomiting up cancerous tumours over here (points), and I saw people getting out of wheelchairs over here (points). June, July, August there will be queues of people waiting to get in. So this will reach a crescendo in late August, early September and by October the revival that starts in this church will become a global phenomenon and will be seen across the world over Christian satellite television. And that will continue and increase and increase and the Lord did not give me a defined time, but what He did show me of that time is that the Glory Gathering is much like a piece of a fishing net. Now a piece of a fishing net can scoop some fish – if you have a big enough piece of a fishing net you can scoop fish, but if you join with other fishing nets you can harvest much more.

And so what I see is that the Lord is also orchestrating a prototype based on what we are doing here and where He takes us. A prototype that then gets replicated and joined in and I saw the Holy Spirit touching edges of all these fishing nets as they came together. I believe that is going to extend beyond 2012 and into 2013 and will become something of a mass national harvest and revival across Australia as has been prophesied so many times before. We can expect in this time, to see in this time of rest that is coming up, to see a greater degree of the angelic – to see a greater degree of spiritual activity, both angelic and demonic.

And all this is to say that we should all prepare our hearts and our minds and our spirits to be participants in what the Lord has orchestrated.

 2011 – A year of great awakening, change and transition, leaving the old and entering the new, holiness, agreeing with God, dead things coming back to life, double portion, greater authority and anointing, abundant life, increase and breakthrough, Divine Invasion, hearing andobeying God, hidden things being revealed and prophetic activity.
A New Alignment Will Take Place Within the Equipping Ministries. An essential connection will develop in 2011 between Apostle and Prophet and Evangelist for a three-fold cord to prepare the church for a supernatural harvest of souls. 
Mammon Will Fall And Finances Will Be Released 
The Lord is destroying the God of mammon in saints lives. The authority that mammon had over saints is broken. The spirit of mammon is coming under the believer’s rule. There is going to be supernatural supply on the believer’s path. New provision is coming in. Supernatural blessing will appear in unlikely places. There will be a revival of blessing in unusual places . 
The Prodigals Are Coming Home 
The prodigal sons and daughters of God will be restored back to the Father. Many backslidden will come home as we focus on the goodness of God’s presence. The Father is going to release a deeper understanding of His heart of love, grace and mercy. 
Departing From Religious Works & Entering Into God’s Spiritual Rest
The Lord is abolishing man-made rules of activity that tell us doing more is spiritual. In 2011, God is helping His people to move from a slave mentality into a deeper revelation of friendship that Jesus promised His disciples in the gospel of John (Ch.15). God is calling the church back to the purity of faith and grace in Jesus. The Lord is helping His people to enter into the rest of God. Yes, to rest from the works of the flesh, so there is no more struggling or striving in our own ability. For God is desiring everything to be done by the Spirit and in the Spirit. Its not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit says the Lord of Hosts. (Zech 4:6) 
Great Holiness Movement 
God is calling His Church to higher standards of holiness this year. The Lord desires for His people to be holy and pure in thought, word and deed. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. (Matthew 5:8) 
Brisbane and Australia Will Experience A Burn Of God’s Presence
God is magnifying and focusing His Glory Fire over this city and nation. In 2011, the coming burn of God will revive Brisbane and Australia and bring thousands to new life in Christ. Hands lifted in worship during church services will feel the fire of God. Many people will literally feel the fire of God’s presence in their bodies. 
The Promises Of God Being Fulfilled  
God is using the number 11 to reveal to His people that His promises are in the process of being fulfilled; in other words, almost to completion or in transition. 2011 will be a season of transition, not just for individuals, but also transition in ministries and churches. The Lord will move His people to the next level. 
Watch Out For Your Signposts 
Saints need to watch for signs in the year ahead. If we don’t recognise the signs that the Lord is providing us, we will miss the confirmation and direction He is giving to help us navigate this time of great change. Believers need to open their mouths and begin to declare their future. 
Increase of Prophetic activity 
Prophetic words and activity will increase and take on more significance in the life of the church. Prophecy will emerge with a focus on the King Of Glory and His Royalty. God wants to remind His church that any believer can hear the voice of the Holy Spirit, not just those with the gift of prophecy or office of prophet. The Lord can and does speak to all His people, we just don’t always know how to recognise God’s language. 
Hidden Things Being Revealed 
This is the year hidden things will be revealed (Mark 4:22, 1Cor 4:5) 
Hidden things being revealed include : hidden mysteries, revelation, wisdom, manna, treasures, riches, doors of opportunity, iniquity, evil in the heart of man, and agendas. The more that comes to light will reveal even greater truth and uncover more deception. 
Passing of Mantles of Authority 
In this next season, many will be passing mantles of authority and leadership on to others. 
Linking of Generations 
We will see an increasing linking of the generations to bring about a great 
advancement of God’s Kingdom and His work on the earth. God wants to work through individuals of all ages, just like in the Old and New Testament. 
Obey The Lord and Rest in God for the Results 
Times of rest are very important during transitional seasons when we are expecting the fulfilment of God’s promises to us. Spiritual harvest is going to be greater when God is allowed to prepare the soil where we labour. Ask, and the Lord and He will show you strategies to produce great fruitfulness and to reap a full harvest. Rest in obedience to the Lord. 
A Season Of Open Heavens 
There will be an increase of God’s tangible presence of His glory and angelic activity within church meetings, ministries and personal lives of the believer. (John 1:51) There are angels on assignment to perform the words of your mouth this year. (Psalms 103:20) 
Divine Invasion and Release of God’s Mighty Power. There is a great stirring in the heavens, the hosts of heaven are gathering, God is responding to the cries of His people. The saints are desperate to see the Lord moving in power. Get ready for a Divine Invasion, a release of God’s mighty power in 2011. As the church continues to cry out for a divine invasion we are going to encounter God’s intervention. A uniting of faith and the Word of God will result in activating God’s mighty works. Give God the invitation to come down in power and expect to behold the real and genuine power of God, moving within your life. 
Get ready to see the mighty acts of God in such a manner as to shake awake the sleeping giant –The Church of God! Awake, Awake! … O Zion (Is 52:1). 
Another Wave of the Spirit is Being Released. As we see in Acts 2:17-18, which is prophesied in Joel 2, one of the great signs of the last days is the pouring out of the Holy Spirit in an extraordinary way. When the Spirit is poured out in these last days, the result is abundant prophetic revelation in dreams, visions and prophecy. This is not just a sign, this prophetic revelation will be released because the church will need much more clear and accurate prophetic guidance for these times. 
The Prophetically-Gifted are Coming Awake Again. In 2011 we will see the authority and anointing on the prophetic doubled. In this new year the saints are going to need to be able to hear clearly from the Lord on a new level because of the great change and transition we will go through. 
The 11Th Hour. We are entering the 11Th Hour and we are going to see a supernatural shift in 2011. In this new year it is essential to keep our focus on the Lord. The number 11 represents the time of seeing God act and show you the doorway to your answer in your 11Th Hour. It’s a time to fight wisely. We need to keep our spiritual eyes open so we can see the door to go through to receive everything God has for us. 
Strong Emphasis On Kingdom Building 
The Lord is going to release to His church supernatural keys for Kingdom building this year. Teaching will explode in 2011 as a result of training a harvest of newcomers and backslidden in the ways of God. 
The Break of Dawn’s Light. In 2011 many are being called forth like John the Baptist as forerunners of the dawn. Just as John the Baptist was described by Jesus as a burning and shining lamp, so these forerunners carry this same holy fire within their very being. In 2011, Jesus’ light and glory truly begins to shine. This year we will see a great release of God’s holy fire to reveal that which has been hidden and bring us through to the break of dawn. For the Sun of Righteousness is arising over the horizon of this nation with miracles, signs and wonders in His wings. 
We are entering into a great increase of Harvest and Abundant Life. God desires for the Breakthroughs in this transition season to usher His church into a much fuller expression of His 2011 Awakening! In this 11Th Hour it is essential to invest in God’s dream for you, your family and your nation. Lets passionately go after God, until we see His promised Spiritual Awakening in this city and country. 
Coming into Agreement with God and His Word in 2011. In 2011 God wants His people to agree with Him. We need to agree with what God says about us, our future and our relationship with Him in this year. To be in agreement with God means that we have the same mind as He has. The Lord is asking us to yield to His divine direction for this year and that we purpose to live in unity with His Word. When we come into full agreement with God’s will and Word, it releases abundant life and blessings to us and our circumstances. 2011 will be a breakthrough year for those who come into full agreement with God’s Word and Voice.

I am going to take this ministry to the next level of My Glory and God says this place is not going to be big enough for the number of people I am going to send, and God says, I am giving you a place in the heart of the city where there will be seated more than a thousand.

And God says, My Glory is going to increase in this ministry where people are going to drop in the Glory of God, just like that, as they enter the room. God has prepared for this ministry even before the word has been spoken, even before it has been ministered. I see people dropping down in the Glory and getting up with a miracle even before it has been spoken about healing. I see people getting from the Glory and coming to the front, experiencing and witnessing extraordinary miracles.

God says I am going to bring my revival fire to start from this ministry and go forward to the nations because of the faithfulness of my servants. God says it shall be done, what I am saying now and there shall be thousands that will be given to this ministry. And God says, get ready, get ready, for I am extending the boundaries of this ministry right in the heart of the city. I have prepared a place and in that place it will be like in the days of the apostles in the upper room and there is going to be a shaking; a breeze and a fire and God says, that revival fire is going to start right from here.

And the Lord says, My daughter, I am going to take you to the nations because I have called you from the very belly of your mother. And the Lord says, I have annointed you for such a season and for such an hour, because I am sending revival and you are a revival minister, and God says, what you speak, shall be confirmed with supernatural signs and wonders.

And God says, I will raise a team. I will raise a team that will you will carry to the nations, a miracle band to the nations and I see you in a big stadium in America with your own band, and as you are speaking I see Glory falling on people and I see people rising up to witness wonders and miracles and healings.

(Emmanuel goes on to prophesy about a television ministry. Interestingly we have just been told about the possibility of broadcasting on a national television channel in Finland.)

… The Lord says, My daughter, I am the Lord who is speaking to you. I am going to raise you to a level that you cannot understand because I have called you for the end times. I have called you for the end time glory. I have called you for the end time ministry and I have called you for the end time fire and nothing can quench this fire. Nothing can take this fire. I will stand with you. I will stand with you. I will stand with you. Thus says the Lord of Hosts in Jesus name.