About Prophetic Words

Glory City Church promotes and encourages flowing in the prophetic ministry. We believe that as we declare the prophetic words spoken over us, and as we honour what God is saying, we will see His promises come to pass. Here are a few prophecies spoken over Glory City Church over recent years:

Last night we were leaving the hospital and I turned around and noticed a big launching pad on top of the roof with lights, so the helicopters could come and land. I felt in my Spirit during worship that the Holy Spirit was saying that this church is a landing pad of the Holy Spirit. It’s not a coincidence that you guys [Glory City Church] are at a high position. I know, I believe you are contending for property. Last time I was here I prophesied that there was going to be a Spiritual expansion to the right and the left, and that this building was going to be too small. Also that God wants to establish a 24 hour house of prayer. You are at the beginning of exponential, expedient growth in the name of Jesus, Amen. I felt the Lord say that “your hunger is a landing pad of the Holy Spirit.”

Not only is this place a landing pad but it is also a launching pad, a place where you launch the Glory. When I was in worship tonight, I felt the presence of God so strongly and I felt the Lord whisper in my ear, “this is what it’s going to feel like in the streets of Brisbane; this is what it’s going to feel like when you’re drinking coffee at Starbucks [local caffe`], and when you’re at work in the marketplace.”
We’re seeing this with the School of the Supernatural going out, but I feel the Lord’s Glory is going to invade the Earth. As the water covers the sea, and He’s going to begin with Brisbane and I see it as a launching pad of His presence and a launching pad of His Glory. Not just for the nation of Australia but the nations of the world, Amen!

I know that Joel Shaw is tied to China, but I saw there being a bridge to China. Revival is breaking out in China, I saw that the underground church is not what it was before, that the Gospel is being proclaimed. Lord I pray for orphanages to be started, I pray for ministry on the streets Lord, and the Jackie Pullinger anointing to be released in this hour Lord. There’s a healing ministry, an orphanage, a ministry of justice against the sex slavery, a Spirit of justice. We ask that the bridge from Brisbane to China be built in Your way, at Your time. Maybe there’s a church being planted, you need to take it before the lord. Maybe it’s the School of the Supernatural that is going to one day release a team there. I just feel a tie to China for the Glory City Church. Thank you Lord!

I’m going to release this word; I really feel that an emphasis on generations is going to come to the forefront in this church. I see families coming, more and more families, and I want to even prophesy that there’s going to be an incredible children’s ministry as part of this church. There’ll be an explosion in the children’s ministry. And a program that’s so enticing. And it’s not a program for a program’s sake, but it’s a program that draws children to the supernatural. And I see young kids in the streets! I want to prophesy over the people involved with the school to start teaming up with the children. Because they are the ones with the faith and the innocence to release the Glory of God. There isn’t any shame in a child, Amen! They are shameless, they have a purity and innocence, they haven’t been bombarded by the noise of society, or by fear. There’s a ‘faith like a child’ ministry going to be released into us too. I just saw children praying for the sick and people getting massively touched and healed.

I want to declare that this is a house that is going to house and cultivate a culture amongst children, to bring about the Glory and supernatural presence of God to the streets of Brisbane. And I see multi-generations. It’s no coincidence that this church is multi-generational. I see greater unity between the generations because this isn’t just a young people’s movement. It’s not just about the young people. And it’s not a coincidence that I’m here straight after my father spoke at the [HIM] conference. It’s a sign of God bringing the generations together. It’s not just about the passion and fieriness that a young person has, but the wisdom of the older generation as well. We young people need the spiritual fathers and mothers. The greatest need in the church today is spiritual fathers and mothers. It’s because the church has a lot of orphans. The enemy has tried to take this generation out; whether by teen suicide, abortion, broken homes. The enemy knows that this is the most awesome generation.

I want to prophesy over this church that He is going to restore your families. I declare that into the atmosphere with all the authority that You Lord have given me, I declare that You [God] will return what the locusts have eaten. In the name of Jesus we ask that you restore family to its rightful place. We ask that the prodigals will come home, to come back to the kingdom of God and those who haven’t tasted the goodness of God, salvation spring up in the name of Jesus. Homes being restored! God you have the authority to restore in a moment. I felt God saying, “I want to release forgiveness, for reconciliation.” Because Christ has forgiven me, I have the grace to forgive those who have hurt me. God wants to release the Spirit of forgiveness in this house tonight. Amen!

I declare this over this church: He is pleased with you, He is honoured with your sacrifice and your prayers. And I felt during worship that the ground is fertile. The hearts have been prepared for a move of God that will be the greatest move in all mankind and it’s going to be in Australia. And Brisbane is a lighthouse. It’s a city on a hill, and it’s not a coincidence that this [house] is called the Glory City Church. Because this city belongs to the Lord. Brisbane – we declare over you right now that you are the Lord’s! God You are the God of this city. The God of Brisbane and the surrounding cities. You are the God of this nation and we believe we are living in the greatest time in history, and we will see revival and a great awakening with our own eyes. We’ll no longer read or pray about it, but we will live it in the name of Jesus, we give You the honour and glory Jesus. We are living in the greatest time in history!

And the Lord would say that there is going to be provision for a building. I am preparing the finances, I am preparing the way and there’s going to be plenty of room at the inn. There’s going to be room for the 24 hour house of prayer and I’m going to bring it. There’s going to be one complete room for that. There’s going to be room for the children. There’s going to be room for youth; there’s going to be room for every teaching – places to teach. There’s going to be classrooms, there’s going to be room for the children to play.

The Lord says the young and the old will dance together and the Lord says I am going to give the training centre and you’re going to teach and train – there will be the school of the prophets. I am going to bring many people here to be trained in the school of the prophets says the Lord and one day you will even have a school and you’re going to begin to educate the next generation says the Lord – there will be that school says the Lord.

And the Lord says this church is going to double and double and double again. The Lord says I’m going to give you that place that will indeed seat a thousand but it’s going to be too small. And the Lord says it is on the way, the money is coming, it will be so supernatural how this money comes, you’re just going to be amazed. The Lord says I will part the Red Sea at the right moment and when I part that Red Sea everything will be there and the Lord says it will be in this area. I’m going to make a way.

This is your land of inheritance says the Lord because I give you these University campuses; they are yours, they are your harvest field, the schools. And the Lord says not only will I give you the University students, I will give you the secondary school kids, I will give you the primary school kids. I’m going to do a work among the children, there will be a children’s awakening says God. I’m going to begin to release angels and angelic visitations – 9-year-olds are going to see angels, 6-year-olds, 7-year-olds, there’s going to be a lot of angels. I just see literally a porthole into heaven and I see the ladder into heaven – from heaven to earth like Jacob’s ladder and I see the messages coming and going, and the Lord just shows me this is like a strategy area – there will be a special room that will be a war room where you are to go to war. It’s going to be different than the house of prayer. There will be a war strategy room for my generals to come. There will be an assembly of generals says the Lord, and there will be a church planting movement that is going to release glory to the Lamb, glory to the Lamb. Glory!

And the Lord says there are going to be so many miracles, there’s going to be an increase of miracles and today I leave in this house a deposit of the Argentine anointing – Yes Jesus!

Just like the revival of Argentina – people will say that, they will say it, they’ll say it they’ll say it! It’s an Argentine fire – creative miracles – that’s what it is! Creative!

God is moving and just another thing that I see is more of these Glory Gatherings going out to the other parts, all over the place, not just in this country but in other countries as well. People are going to come in and fly in here; people are going to come and fly in from all over the world because they are going to be hearing what God is doing here.

There’s a certain level that you’re at at the moment, because God gives levels by measure. You’re faithful with one level, He gives you increase; you’re faithful with that level, and then He raises it and raises you up and releases you to the next level. I can say this – from March when I was here last, there is a much, much higher level now. And with each level that God releases and promotes you to, then there is a greater release of the spirit, and greater fruit that comes and a greater thing that happens. I just see these levels, and I see God raising up this level much, much more as you are faithful to steward the level that you have, and stay focused and stay hungry; and people are going to fly in from all over the world, and they are going to come. And your Friday nights and your Sunday afternoons are going to increase to other nights of the week, and it’s just going to increase as the levels rise. You’ve got to steward this thing correctly and you’re going to start to see that you’re going to have other nights of the week until you’re going to be entering into seven nights a week, and it’s going to be like a perpetual flow of God. People are going to fly in and they are going to say there’s something happening in Brisbane, and it’s not in a church that is most obvious.

There are other churches that are more obvious and the Lord is saying, “I want to bless them but they haven’t opened their hearts, and I’m going to move where people’s hearts are open and where people are hungry. And they want Me to come and move in these other places; they want Me to come and move within their box, and the Lord says, “I’m not a box-God. I’m going to move outside the box, I’m moving outside this stuff and beyond the usual, and in the unusual.” The Lord is saying that this is an unusual place, and God is moving. And I saw people flying in from all over the world, and they’re going to come and they are going to take it back to where they are, and they going to say, “We want to link which you!”

Foreigners, foreign people – some who can hardly speak English – but they are going to come and be totally overwhelmed; even from Europe! Doors are going to open in Europe – Holland, especially Holland – a big one is Holland; even in the driest parts of Europe, they are coming, and God is going to move, and they are going to get a touch here and take fire back there; and they are going to take a release of God back.

So the level at this time is the level of God that has been released to you now, and it is going to increase, you are just on the increase.

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