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Men’s Ministry


  • Giving men confidence to engage in a genuine relationship with a real God.
  • Developing a culture that reflects fearless love.
  • Learning how to love Him and learning how to receive His unconditional love.
  • Men who have a revelation of the power of that love, that it not only revolutionizes them, but empowers them to let it draw others into the presence of God, transforming communities and nations.
  • Men who are secure in their identity in Christ and who are not afraid to be vulnerable and real with each other.
  • Men who are not afraid to ask for prayer.
  • Men who know the authority they carry, who stand shoulder to shoulder and battle in the Spirit through prayer for each other and the church.


Regular Meetings And Outreach

We meet once a month on a Saturday morning for breakfast and fellowship. Each of these meetings are attended by a guest speaker who is able to share on a topic which has a powerful impact on the lives of men. We also seek to reach out to the larger community through street BBQs and mowing people’s lawns. 


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